And Your Point Is?

And Your Point Is?

If Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is the answer, what’s the question?

Some say it explains how prehistoric bugs morphed into men, but no one says it tells us how life began.
If life just began . . . somehow . . . spontaneously . . . spasmodically
. . .
Well, then some of Darwin’s conclusions may be correct. Nature selects which species go on and which die out.

Survival belongs to the fittest. The strong consume the weak. Some races deserve to thrive while others must disappear to make room for their superiors.

But then we must face more questions. Does any person have any purpose beyond trampling others to get what he wants?

If doing good matters, what is “good”? And who sets the standard? Is morality possible? Is moral judgment merely what the majority decides at this moment or is it grounded in eternal truth? How do we explain conscience?

Adolf Hitler seized upon Darwin’s scheme and determined, logically, to improve it. If the eradication of the weak is inevitable, why wait on nature? Hitler accelerated the process. And why not? Darwin made no secret of his conviction that the black race, demonstrated inferior by its lack of progress vis-à-vis whites, was doomed to extinction.

Our culture screams at you and your children that life holds no purpose. Life’s a beast and thenyou die. Given the Darwinian underpinning of our cultural understanding, we shouldn’t  wonder why.

Solomon, the wisest king, considered the matter in the Book of Ecclesiastes and came to a different conclusion. He had seen the vanity of life Darwin would codify in his theory so many centuries later. Solomon concluded there is much man cannot know, that only God can know. Man, therefore, must place his trust in God and find ultimate purpose in Him.

Yet there is so much we can know. God created man – the Hebrew word is adam – in His image. He scooped up dust and formed it into man, took a rib from the man’s side and shaped it as woman. God desires that all His image-bearers – everyone ever born – heed His call, “Be holy for I am holy.”

And our Father provides the way to holiness for His fallen creature: trust in the sacrifice of His Son that pays our debt and allows us to appear before Him as though we had never sinned. Taking Jesus Christ’s holiness as our own, we enter into His kingdom today and into life everlasting tomorrow.

Our morality is not up for a vote and it is not subject to change. It is rooted in God’s word. Our life is not cramming ourselves with food, drink, sex and power, nor is it making ourselves “good” in our own eyes. It is living for the One who made us and saved us and joining Him in His eternity. Our life has purpose.

Our God is a God of order who calls His people to a life of order – according to the morality rooted in His love.

If Darwin got it right, all flesh is one flesh – fish and fowl, monkey and man. If human flesh does not bear the image of God, it may be aborted before life outside the womb begins or put down before natural life ends. No overarching morality governs our choices. In the end, the strongest survive and the weakest die out. Chaos reigns.

If Darwin got it right.

Did he? Or did God?

It can only be one or the other.Ω

The Reverend Edward W. Fowler