Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (through the Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity)

Here is the schedule for Monday, September 16, through Sunday, September 22:

Birthdays this week: (none)
Anniversaries this week: (none)
Yard work this week: Daniel

o Offices Closed

o 8am – Matins

Wednesday, Holy Cross Ember-tide, day of fasting
o 8am – Matins
o 7pm – Evensong
Note that the study of Malachi has concluded. The study begins again on October 2 for 2nd and 3rd John.

o 8am – Matins

Friday, Holy Cross Ember-tide, day of fasting
o 8am – Matins
o 6pm – Holy Rosary

Saturday, Feast of St. Matthew the Apostle and Evangelist (Holy Cross Ember-tide, day of fasting)
o 8am – Holy Eucharist
o 8:30am – Private Confession

14th Sunday after Trinity
o 8am – Holy Communion (said service)
o 9am – Sunday School (in the Parish Hall) Parish Catechesis on “To Be A Christian” in preparation for our Episcopal visit in November. The lesson continues on the Lord’s Prayer. One may wish to watch Scott Hahn’s lecture on Understanding the “Our Father” (YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9UHyePeBxs – Understanding the ‘Our Father’ – Dr. Scott Hahn – Deep in History) prior to attending class.
o 10:10am – Holy Communion (sung service)
Hostess – Gail L

Please pardon our construction mess during mold remediation.

Michaelmas 2019 – 50th Anniversary of St. Michael’s will fall on Sunday the 29th of September. Please continue to connect with Fr. Mike on people to reach out to. We will have a Procession, Solemn Eucharist, and Solemn Te Deum to give thanks unto the LORD on this special day. After the one service held at 10:10am, we will have a BBQ and potluck.

REC Cycle of Prayer – New Wineskins Anglican Mission Conference (Sept. 26-29), Archbishops The Most Rev. Foley Beach and The Most Rev. Benjamin Kwashi and the entire New Wineskins Missionary Network – https://newwineskinsconference.org/