Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events (through the Tenth Sunday after Trinity)

Here is the schedule for Monday, August 19, through Sunday, August 25:

Birthdays this week: Gail L
Anniversaries this week: (none)
Yard work this week: Carl

o Offices Closed

o 8am – Matins (Morning Prayer)

o 8am – Matins (Morning Prayer)
o 6:15pm – Catechesis, a multi-week study on the Book of Malachi, continuing at chapter 2 verse 4.
o 7pm – Evensong

o 8am – Matins (Morning Prayer)

o 8am – Matins (Morning Prayer)
o 6pm – Holy Rosary

Saturday, St. Bartholomew
o 8am – Holy Communion
o 8:30am – Private Confession
o 9am – Men’s Breakfast and Study – At the Apple Barrel Cafe on Elm and New Orleans in BA

Tenth Sunday after Trinity
o 8am – Holy Communion (said service)
o 9am – Sunday School (in the Parish Hall) Parish Catechesis on “To Be A Christian” in preparation for our Episcopal visit in November. The second lesson continues with the monastic movement with Patrick.
o 10:10am – Holy Communion (sung service)
Hostess – Judy

REC Cycle of Prayer – New outreaches in Hungary, Deacon Bob Hitching and Postulant Taylor Moineau